Wow that was HECKTIC!


I just spent over 5 days implementing a log book for the game, mainly because of a broken function in game maker studio that I use to make games with, so I had to implement a workaround solution, it is working nice for the windows demo but for some reason the android version saves black screens for the pages, will work more on that to find out WHYYYY haha. So to take a snapshot at any time during the game just press the ENTER key/B button and as soon as the "saving" message goes away you can open the log book in the menu, (highlight INFO and press the Z key/A button twice), when you see the log book you can turn the pages with the up and down arrow keys/buttons. Also in this update I added a choice to save and load the game in 3 different file, when the save or load menu option is highlighted just press up or down to choose your save/load file and press the Z key/A button to save or load. Also updated some more graphics and minor bug fixes.


Oracle of Megalopolis.exe 16 MB
Oct 23, 2017
Oracle of Megalopolis.apk 23 MB
Oct 23, 2017

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