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Living far below the planet's surface the inhabitants of the floating city of Erril believe that nothing lies beyond their city and networks of caves and caverns. No one ever even thought much about it because life was easy and everything they needed existed within their realm. You, however, have the spirit of adventure and an inquisitive mind and believe otherwise. Recently tho things weren't so easy going and without problems, there were isolated instances of strange creatures milling around and stealing food and sometimes even daring to enter the city and make off with some of it's inhabitants! Now you decide to make the unknown voyage out of your realm and see for yourself weather all that exists lies within your cavernous home...


 The Android version has been updated to comply with Europe's new advertising polices. -Updated app to comply with google play's polices on allowed Android operating systems versions and regulations, Because of this the game is now only available on Android API 14 (Ice cream Sandwich) and above operating systems. !IMPORTANT!: If you wish to update it note that your old saved games will be lost. make sure you don't try to load any previously saved games or the game will crash when it attempts to load saved data from the old version's file system.  There is nothing I can do to prevent this, sorry for any inconvenience. If you don't live in Europe you can safely ignore this update. 


Arrow keys- move player
Z key / A button- Use weapons and items. Your shovel doubles as a weapon and when no enemies are around you can use it to find items while in the caves.
Back button- Android, quits the game without saving, available after start screen.
Escape key- Windows, quits the game without saving, available after start screen.
Armor and shields- These are automatically equipped when you find or purchase them, the more armor and shields you own the higher defense your character will have, and the more weapons you have boosts your attack power.
There are 2 weapons available, the shovel and the torch, you must equip these in the equip menu to use them.

Menus- Access the menu by pressing your health gauge at the top left of your screen. there are 6 different submenus which are explained below, from top left to bottom right:

Game start menu upon starting the game:
Sound- turn sounds on or off.
Full/Window- available only for windows version, toggles between full screen and window mode.
Info- Brings up the game information.
Start- Starts the game.
Load- If you have saved your game you can load it here.
Quit- Exit the game without saving

In game menu:
Stats- Lists info about your player, including name, level, hit points/max hitpoints, experience/next, gold, current cavern number/den number, and a map that builds as you explore the caves.
Equip- Here you can equip/unequip weapons and items to use. the power and defense levels are shown when weapons are equipped or armor is acquired. To use food and regain hit points equip it, exit the menu and use it with the Z/A button. Don't forget to re equip your weapon after eating!
Quit- exit the game without saving.
Options- 1. turn sound on or off. 2. Rename your character. 3. In Android version you can watch ad videos to get free random items and weapons, this is the only place besides the caves where you have a chance at finding keys.
Save- click to save your game.
Load- click to load a saved game.

Shop menu:
Here you can buy weapons, armor and food. The amount of money you have is listed in yellow at the top left of the menu. Press exit or walk away when finished.

Inn menu- Here you can rest to regain your hit points. The inn keeper also has valuable information for you that changes each time you defeat a boss enemy. Also a 3rd option appears if you have a completed map and have defeated a boss, at which time you can choose to give her a map. If you do you will loose the map of that cave, see spoiler for more info. Press exit or walk away when finished.

General gameplay:
First visit the shop by going straight up from starting the game and purchase a torch. You start off the game with a shovel, don't forget to equip it! Fight enemies and bosses in the caves, Find keys to unlock areas in the caves, Use your shovel to find items or buy them in the shop, you cannot buy keys in the shop. The goal of the game is to find your way out of the realm that everyone thinks is the only existence!

Please visit the official Forbidden Frontier Homepage  for more info, walkthrough and maps! http://roadhammergaming.blogsp...

 windows Speech system by Mikael Norrgard @ Gamephase 2016
All game music composed by Eric Matyas @ www.soundimage.org"


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