A downloadable game for Windows and Android


Originally made for the frog jam, now Updated with many new features and graphics! available for Win 98, Win 8+up, and Android!

Arrow keys- move character.

left mouse (tap for android)- enter/exit/use the menu

Z key, A button- shoot tongue weapon

#GAMEPLAY- Hop on the boat at game start, your frog friends hop on too! Make your way down the river while eating enemies with your tongue, avoid obstacles and choosing the right pathways. More frogs will try to jump on as you go! You get points for eating enemies and safely delivering frogs to the frog pond! There are 10 levels to complete then the game will start over.

HINT: When you enter a new river bend, start shooting!

UPDATE 5/10/18

The Android version has been updated to comply with Europe's new advertising polices. -Updated app to comply with google play's polices on allowed Android operating systems versions and regulations, Because of this the game is now only available on Android API 14 (Ice cream Sandwich) and above operating systems.

Please visit the Frog Slide homepage for more details and spoiler maps for all levels!- http://roadhammergaming.blogsp...


Frog Slide.exe 7 MB
Frog Slide98.exe 7 MB
Frog Slide.apk 14 MB

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