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This version of Lure of the Death Stone is for windows 8 and up

You are a guitarist who has always wanted adventure, well now you get your chance! 6000 years ago a meteorite hit the Earth and havoc ensued, but a devastating weather event forced the alien hordes spawned from the meteor to evacuate the planet, but now a meteorite crashes into the band field in your town and strange things start to happen, strange animals start to appear around the entire area, very unfriendly animals, they have returned! Gain strength, weapons, items and spells, figure out the mysteries of the land and it's inhabitants and find secret objects and passage ways to rid the earth once and for all of the intergalactic intruders!

No ads in the Windows version!

!IMPORTANT!: If you wish to update it note that your old saved game will be lost. make sure you don't try to load any previously saved games or it will crash when it attempts to load saved data from the old version's file system.  There is nothing I can do to prevent this, sorry for any inconvenience. If you don't live in Europe you can safely ignore this update.  The Android Lite version has ads but you can download the ad free version for Android for .99


ARROW BUTTONS - Move player around, move pointer on screen for

selecting items and spell use. Example - To use a heal potion on yourself

you would move the pointer to your character and press the B button.

Press Y for the menu. press Y again to quit the menu or press the red & black x

button on the top right of the menu. Navigate the menu by pressing the select box

to equip or choose. double tap on an item's select box and a description

of the item will appear above. if a button on the menu is down, the item/weapon/spell is equipped.

Note that some things, such as the pot of gold, cannot be equipped, and other things, such as the

comet key, are always active if you have them.

Moving around- use the arrow keys to move the character, walking off the screen on a trail/cave

brings you to the next screen.

Please visit the Lure of the Death Stone Homepage for more info, a walkthrough, inventory charts and shop lists!

Now check everything out all in one place! check out the L.O.T.D.S Press Kit


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