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For the #ShortnSweetJam I'm making a game called sweetums, 

Sweesha and her pet starla decide to
go to the secret pool for a picnic!
Guide them there and enjoy the scenery
and have a beautiful day!

Arrow keys, D pad, right stick- move character.
Z key/A button- Search for items, call kitty
X key/B button- Use items you've equipped in the equip menu
C key/X button- Get on or off the inner tube
P key/Y button- enter/exit the menu.

Left mouse- click buttons on menu

UPDATE 5/24/2018

Sweetums has been updated with some graphics tweaks, bug fixes reguarding controller input and limited movement experianced in the tv room. Also uploaded pre- windows 8 and windows 8 versions as well as an android version which you can download from google play.


You start off in the office, 1 of 4 rooms in the house, go up through the door on the right and when near the couch call Starla, your cat. Find all the items in the house that you need, 5 of the 7 items are obvious to find because they are lying about the house  and they glow, the other 2 are hidden somewhere in the kitchen. go back to the office and down to exit the house. Use the menu (P key/Y button) to view your checklist, equip items, save or load a game, or adjust things in the options menu. Outside on your adventure you can feed your cat, have a picnic in the field, waterfall, behind the waterfall or at the secret pool, (have as many picnics as you want) or go inner tubing  behind the waterfall and in the secret pool. (check the check list in the menu to see where you are) You can get on or off the inner tube only in certain parts of the room, a one-time message will show when you are at the right spot. There is no winning or losing at this game, just go out on an adventure and have fun!

Start date: 8/1/17 

due date: 8/15/17

Finished date: 8/7/17


day1- Got main character drawn up, drafting up a storyline

day 2- Got the backgrounds finished, basic coding engine is underway

day 3- created Sweesha's pet cat, worked on menus and equipment, mapped out background borders and started on room transition script, created game music using a dubstep music making app

day 4- got all room transitions done, working on game mechanics

day 5- worked on adding more sounds, completed the background character borders, touched up character sprites to get rid of the  'pixel noise', made all game items, basically all that's left is to finish the menus, equip system and use items system, then polish up the game such as adding background masks where necessary and making sure everything works (add another day for that haha).

days 6-7 project finished, tested, debugged.


Sweetums Win8.exe 22 MB
Sweetums Win98.exe 22 MB

Also available on

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