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4 superheros go on an epic quest to change a light bulb!!

Rezza turns on the switch and one of the light bulbs burns out! No big deal just replace it right? Wrong! this seemingly mundane event turns into a quest of epic proportions to get the job done! good luck winning this game!!

In this action adventure game you can control one of 4 characters and switch between them whenever you'd like. There are 4 chapters to complete, the first 2 are in the local area near their penthouse, and 2 additional areas with the last being the longest and hardest to complete. Save your game at any blue ? mark.

Game controls:

Press enter or B to exit the main menu. Press up or down to scroll

the menu, Press left in the main menu to go to the sound menu.

You can save or load your game here also

Use arrow keys to navigate, press enter or A to change the settings.

the Menu icon takes you back to the main menu by pressing B.

when loading a saved game it might take a few seconds to regain

control in the menu, pressing left then up or down regains control


Game controls:

On virtual keyboard, arrows move player & menu.

A button = Shoot.

B button = Enter.

On a game controller, the D-pad moves characters and menu.

B button = enter,

A button = power up and shoot

Pressing enter does several things, here's the list:

Change characters, all can use the light switch in the penthouse

Nash can move/throw chair, & pick up the good bulb in the cavern

Xzarr can open the bush in forest, and pick up the good bulb in the


Press x or A button on controller / virtual pad to power up and fight.

Use arrow keys to move around

Press ESC, back, or select to end the game.

Press F4: Switches between full screen and window mode on PC.

(Window mode has minimize/maximize/quit buttons at upper right)

Walk into unlocked doors or secret caves to use them


Rezza - starting character in penthouse.

Xzarr - big green character.

Voss - little blue character.

Nash - the short orange character.

for a walkthrough of the game visit The Light bulb Caper homepage on my website:


Thanks go out to Eric Matyas at www.soundimage.org for the game music!!


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