The Manna Well

UPDATE 3/28/18

I've finished working on the menu, you can now craft and equip all swords, equip all armor, accessories, items and magic, I've made the menu inaccessible if you are in a fight, so prepare beforehand! You can use the health and magic restoring potions, the health magic spell, and you can try out the other spells but as of yet those ones only show the spell animation.
 Now if you unequip all sword components you can still fight monsters with your fist. Also I have fixed the bug where you see large black bars after coming out of the fight scenes, I had neglected to record the screen segment variable upon entering a fight and then resetting it upon winning the fight. I have the new demo out for windows for you to play, I will be releasing the updated android demo version when I get around to spending a day to download the sdk, ndk, jdk, etc etc etc to set up the android module. The link to version 1.6 for android is still valid.
The next plans for the game is to set up the shops, npc's and get all the items and spells functional. The game is still a long way off from completion as I still need to get the story line, main dudes and quests written up, drawn out and implemented, I've been working on this game for over 4 months now but I still can't give an estimate on when it will be finished.
Please check it out and let me know your thoughts, thanks!
New controls:
To use equipped item press 'V' key or 'B' button on gamepad
To use equipped spell press 'X' key or 'X' button on game pad
In the menu use arrow keys to navigate to the object you want to equip/unequip and press the 'z' key or 'A' button on gamepad
In the items and magic menus there are 2 new buttons on the bottom to choose weather to use or equip the item or spell, note that you cannot use fight type spells unless you are in a fight.


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Mar 28, 2018

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