UPDATE 4/4/18 - new demo for windows and android, new gameplay video

UPDATE 4/4/18

I realized that I had neglected to put an options menu in place, so that has been added to it's own page in the info section of the menu. For the Windows game version you can switch the game music on or off, game sounds on or off, adjust the volumes of either the music or the game sounds, set the graphics v-sync method on or off, re-name your character, and switch between windowed mode and full screen.                           In the Android game version there is no full screen/windowed mode, and no alternate v-sync, instead there is a graphics crisp adjustment to switch between smooth graphics and pixel perfect. I also fixed the opening cut scene, and then added the ability to turn the pages of the book in the info section of the in game menu. Also now after the opening cutscene the character doesn't start in the middle of a pond haha (altho there is now a new bug that if you use the menu before starting the game you sometimes still end up in the middle of the pond after the opening cutscene, very strange because the player doesn't even exist yet). I have also made it so when you enter any of the 4 shrines in the game it restores you Hp, Mp, and returns your status to normal if you had any ailments.


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Apr 04, 2018
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Apr 04, 2018

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