Final demo released for The Manna Well!

UPDATE 4/18/18 The last week and a half has been spent doing quite a bit to the game, and now the final demo version is out!  As well as windows 8+ and android I also have created a pre windows 8 version.  what's new/changed: - All controller positions and alignment with virtual buttons fixed for all screen sizes on Android - You now start with all status ailments and 3/4 full hit points so if you run into the first town before the monster gets you you can go into the hospital and check out the heal menu which lets you cure any or all of your ailments and health.  - All shops are finished and working to buy or sell your stuff, NOTE you cannot sell (or buy) your original sword blade. You can sell all the other original parts to it tho (when the game is released you will only have the blade and will have to find/buy the other parts in order to craft it) - All menus are done and menu bugs fixed - All cave backgrounds and some other backgrounds fixed/improved/aligned - All chapters are implemented and go by map area, you can tell when you have changed chapters because the music/background noise will change - Tutorial house complete, in most towns head for the large house to talk to any of the 4 tutorialists that live there - All main npc's have some sort of conversation with you, most are the same except the first town Swellwater.    Things to do to complete and release the game: - Make all items and magic do their job, currently heal and cure magic work, heal and magic potion work. - need to implement 50% magic increase if staff is equipped - need to make certain monsters give you status effects, and spells give monsters status effects - Quests - Story line - Bosses - Cut scenes - Ending

Please check it out as it's the final demo and there will be no more updates to it (unless some horrible bug is found), I need your input to succeed in making this a great game, Thanks!


The Mana Well 98.exe 111 MB
Apr 19, 2018
The Mana Well.exe 111 MB
Apr 19, 2018
The Mana Well.apk 117 MB
Apr 19, 2018

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