​Live streaming some game play of chapter 1 of The Manna Well

Live streaming some gameplay of chapter 1 on twitch in about 10 mins, (time now is 9:58am 4/30/18) lots of progress in the game, first quests in chapter 1 are complete, Overworld map implemented, WIP of implementing the visual novel aspect of the game is well underway, enabled pause functionality when in fight rooms, fixed issue with being defeated and going to the nearest hospital in an area that you're not supposed to be in yet (the game's areas are divided into chapters so if you're on chapter 1 and are defeated but are closest to a town in the chapter 2 area you no longer go to chapter 2's nearest town's hospital). Started implementing collisions and bouncing on solid objects, the biggest problem there is that my player character, for the most part, never moves, just the background does, so using the bounce d&d and functions don't work in this game's case, I may post a topic on this to see how/if others have done this in their games and what the best way to do it is. As you'll see in the upcoming video the bounce works, but the whole screen shakes, could be a good effect sometimes but not every time the character hits an object, npc or background border!

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