Android design change for The Manna Well

UPDATE 4/7/18
As per some player input had pointed out in the Android version, there was a major design flaw in the game involving small screen sized devices being near impossible to play the game, so I have updated the demo with a new system, now if you are not in the menu mode the game full screens to the game play window. I also corrected some bugs with pressing the directionals while the game intro is underway that caused you to be in some random location when the actual game starts, and the 8th menu option showing and overlapping the change character name option when changing the character's name. Also I have added all the main npc's that wander around the towns, the npcs inside houses and the shop owners, you can't interact with them yet and they are currently all the same looking, that will change soon but next I want to implement the shops and shop menus and then the static npc texts. next after that will be the story line, quests and boss enemies. Also of note is the windows version is now an installer style .exe when you download it. 


The Mana Well.apk 117 MB
Apr 07, 2018
The Mana Well.exe 112 MB
Apr 07, 2018

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